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Car Cradles & Mounts for mobile phones

Car phone holders are very popular and practical accessories used by motorists while driving their vehicles. They help to free your hands while driving, so the driver can follow the navigation, answer phone calls via the loudspeaker function, and watch a video in a traffic jam without any worries. Read more..

Car phone holders make using the phone in the car a convenient process, and they do not cost much, so every driver will be able to choose the most suitable accessory for their phone model. If you need a practical and convenient mobile phone holder to use in your vehicle, take a look at our offer and place an order!

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The phone holder is most often used by drivers as a navigator while driving, which is why it is important to make sure that your smartphone does not interfere with driving. In such cases, the telephone holder will be an indispensable roadside assistant for the car. It is used by car drivers as well as truck and taxi drivers.

Car Phone Holders - How to Choose the Right One?

Car phone holders for safety and convenience on the road. It is not comfortable or safe to hold the phone in your hand while driving. In addition, if you need to make an urgent call, you don't have to stand on the side of the road, as the car phone holder will provide a comfortable and stable position for your phone to be able to make or answer a call through the loudspeaker. When choosing this practical accessory, the most important thing is to pay attention to at least two important things: the material of which the mobile phone holder is made, and the type of mounting. There are several types of holder mounts and each driver must choose the most suitable for their vehicle. The most popular cell phone car holders are: • car phone holders on ventilation grilles; • magnetic phone holder; • mobile phone holder with suction cup for windshield; • tablet holder at the seat; • non-slip mat - car phone holders; • as well as other mobile phone car holders.

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In the online store you can choose and order all types of mobile phone holders! The most important thing is to understand the purposes for which you will use your phone - either as a navigation device or as an outlet for your children or other riders during long journeys. If you have a tablet, it is also useful to buy a holder that can be attached, for example, to the seat and thus entertain children while traveling. View all our products and order what you need now!

If you want to know more about car phone holders, then read our FAQ section!

Frequently asked questions

Phone holders are practical accessories for each of us. Especially if you are a driver and use your phone as a navigator. The car phone holder will help you to free your hands while driving, so that you can pay full attention to the road, but also to the navigation.
Car phone holders should be chosen based on your daily needs. You can choose mobile phone holders for your vehicle with different types of mounting, for example, one of the most popular is the phone holder with a magnet, as well as the car phone holder on the ventilation grilles or with a suction cup for the windshield.
Yes, Samsung mobile phone car holders are available in our online store, as well as car phone holders for smartphones of other popular manufacturers. delivers throughout Latvia within 1-3 working days, using Omniva and DPD parcels or courier service.