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Covers Clothing Seats etc.

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Being comfortable when using a bike creates more enjoyable rides.

• The saddle is not only for sitting, it provides great support to the cyclist. A very individual thing that is worth picking up for yourself.
• A bicycle seat is an additional seat for a child mounted on a bicycle. Using a child bike seat, you can take your child with you for a walk. Thus, the child will be able to travel a much greater distance.
• Bicycle covers are universal and waterproof. Will protect your transport from moisture, dirt and a large accumulation of dust. In our store you can find covers of different sizes for the entire body of the bike and covers for the trunk.

It is important to keep your safety and security in mind when you travel.

•Specialized clothing is useful for trips in cool weather. Warm cycling jackets are made of membrane fabrics that protect from wind and moisture, retain heat, and at the same time breathe.
•Helmet, knee pads and elbow pads are mandatory accessories for cycling. Soften and take the hit during the fall.